In the last couple of years, we have created several different productions. We believe in the power of storytelling, and we apply it in a wide variety of fields, be it a theatre production, the television screen, cinema screen or even virtual reality.






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Our company, TulipánTündér (Tulip Fairy) Production was founded in 2013 with the noble goal of providing quality entertainment for the whole family. For the past seven years, we have offered activities that have given memorable experiences and pleasure to the young and the old alike. More than half a million people have bought tickets to our performances so far in our country.
We love the challanges.

We tell stories which will give you experiences for life.

Theatrical works

The Game Creator and the Dream Traveller both became families’ favourite after their Christmas premiere, with each being performed to a full house and giving an unforgettable experience to over 200,000 spectators.


Our latest work Toxikoma, based on Győző Szabó’s autobiographical novel of the same title, is about how the two protagonists, a drug-addict ’alpha male’ and a psychiatrist playing God are at odds with each other and how they are becoming friends.


The Champion, Avatar, Goooall!, The Art of Banksy - Without Limits , Gateway to Space, Living Dinosaurs - we have created both licensed and original exhibitions, permanent and temporary ones, which have attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Entertainment centres

The former Andrássy Experience Centre and the VR Amusement Park, still operating in the heart of Budapest, offer experiences that are unmatched anywhere else, from family activities to corporate team-building.

We make our dreams come true.

Our productions

We are commonly associated with permanent and temporary exhibitions, fairy-tale musicals for theatre stage, an entertainment centre in Budapest and a forthcoming film.

  • Toxikoma
  • VR Amusement Park
  • Dream Traveller
  • The Champion
  • Game Creator

Who are we?

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Our story

  • 2014 December 27.

    Our first original production

    In 2013, the TulipFairy production was born out of a passion and a great belief in creating programmes that provide quality entertainment for the whole family. A year later, the dream already became a reality: this was The Game Creator, which amazed more than 45,000 viewers in just a few days.

  • 2015 December 26.

    The Game Creator returns

    A year later, The Game Creator returned with a refreshed image. After two years and only 24 performances, TulipFairy could pride itself on having more than 100,000 spectators.

  • 2016 January 15.

    Gateway to Space

    We brought the space exhibition to Millenáris Park, so for the first time the Hungarian public could see the world's largest collection of NASA-registered space artifacts. In two months we were able to delight more than 100,000 visitors.

  • 2016 June 22.

    Living Dinosaurs

    The prehistoric zoo exhibited the largest creatures on Earth on 2500 square metres, taking you back to prehistoric times and the Ice Age through an interactive adventure.

  • 2016 June 22.


    We also brought an unparalleled exhibition of sports relics, which was complemented with memorabilia form the legendary Golden Team only in Hungary.

  • 2017 January 17.

    The Champion

    We also opened our first own original exhibition under the name „The Champion”, and this high-tech sports exhibition attracted another 60,000 visitors before going on its world tour.

  • 2017 July 1.

    The Gateway to Space returns

    The space exhibition attracted further 55 thousand visitors.

  • 2017 December 26.

    Premiere of Dream Traveller

    The development of our brand new fairy-tale musical had started years before so that we could give the 50,000 audience members who spent their Christmas as dream travellers the most amazing experience.

  • 2018 April 28.

    Future Park

    We brought exhibitions from all over the world to the Andrássy Experience Centre, including Future Park, which attracted nearly 100,000 visitors.

  • 2019 February 2.


    With a new interactive exhibition based on the worldwide blockbuster film, we showcased the breathtaking environment, inspiring culture and unique creatures of the Na'vi wonderland.

  • 2019 November 7.

    VR Amusement Park opens its doors

    With our participation, the VR Amusement Park, which is also unique in Europe, opened, bringing an unprecedented experience of virtual reality on about 2,000 square meters in the building of the former Szikra Cinema. The park is still open to the public.

  • 2020 February 1.

    The Art of Banksy: Without Limits

    Together with the Godot Institute of Contemporary Art, we brought to Hungary the international traveling exhibition presenting the work of the mysterious, world-famous graffiti artist Banksy.

  • 2021 June 24.


    At the Hungarian Motion Picture Festival, the public will see for the first time Gábor Herendi's new film, Toxikoma, based on the autobiographical writing of the same title by Gyab Szabó, the two protagonists, the drug alpha male (Áron Molnár Kelemen Barna) is about tension and becoming friends.

Gabriella Illés
György Molcsányi
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TulipánTündér Production

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1012 Budapest Logodi utca 54.

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