Gabriella Illés

Gabriella Illés

She founded TulipánTündér (Tulip Fairy) Produkció in 2013.

She first appeared on screen in the Reporter wanted! Talent programme of the Hungarian Public Television and soon after that, she became an editor, editor-in-chief and then director at one of the largest commercial channels.

In 2008, she debuted as a producer of the Uri Geller show. Later, giant Hungarian live shows such as Megastar or The Great Duet could be associated with her name. In 2012, she launched and created the TV2 Group's cable TVs commissioned by Pro7Sat1, and was also the creative director of locally produced programs.

As a Hungarian implementer of international television formats and a creator of self-developed programs, she has won all existing Hungarian professional and audience awards. Besides her production activities, she managed the TV2 Academy for six years. Her most recent television work was the format development of a classical music talent show called Vitruosos.

Since 2013, she has been the owner and producer of the Tulip Fairy (Tulipántündér) Production, her brainchildren are the Game Maker and the Dream Traveler pop-show musicals. She is the Hungarian creator of highly successful licenses and self-developed exhibitions (Gateway to Space, Living Dinosaurs, The Champion) and also the founder of the VR Amusement Park in Budapest, which is unique in Europe. She took part in the implementation of several outdoor events, including the development of the concept of the Magic Park program series.

She made her debut as a film producer in 2021. Her first work was the film TOXIKOMA based on Győző Szabó’s book, which soon became the most watched Hungarian film in recent years. As the creator of the film, together with Győző Szabó, she was nominated for The Man of the Year award in 2021 by the RTL Klub News, emphasizing the outstanding role of their work in drug prevention.

In 2022, she was commissioned by TV2 as executive producer of the daily series HAZATALÁLSZ, an adaptation of a croatian format, which was so successful that the channel ordered a second season.

In 2023, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Sándor Petőfi, the poet and his wife Julia Szendrey staged a special concert theatre production at the Erkel Theatre, which was attended by more than 8,000 people over 4 sold-out performances in two days.

Besides completing her various tasks, she received her PhD in 2017 and is currently an associate professor at the Department of Film and Television Arts of the János Kodolányi University.

Since 2018, he has been one of the successful public figures who have been invited to participate in the UNICEF Hungary Champion programme as a representative of the economy, culture and media sector.

Related productions
  • Producer
    • freewill ˃˃˃˃
      freewill ˃˃˃˃
      The eccentric habits of the first "celebrity couple" of the reform era, Sándor Petőfi x Júlia Szendrey, the heightened emotional world of their two years together, the importance of their opinion-forming role, and tells a story that moves freely in space and time, with a concert atmosphere, entitled "freewill" >>>> perfomance.
    • Pure Love
      Pure Love
    • Toxikoma
      The book on which the film is based recounts the hardest years of the life of a young man who moved from the countryside to the capital, a period of a drug-fuelled fall that lasted many years. Having moved to Budapest, Győző worked as a waiter, a graphic designer and a game designer; he even ventured into the world of actors despite not having studied acting. He gets caught up in a wild, seemingly eternal heroin spiral, where everything around him falls apart: family, job, future; but he finally plucks up the courage to go to rehab. This is where he meets the renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Csernus. The film is essentially about the ego battle between the two dominant men in a psychiatric hospital. Both go their separate ways and learn something from the other that will change their own lives for the better. Győző and Csernus fight each other, but at some point they both have to come to the realisation that they can only progress together, and that there is something that only the other can help them with.
    • Game Creator
      Game Creator
      The "traditional" fairy-tale heroes, the princess, the three-headed dragon, the piglet and Thumbelina in the fairy-tale world are afraid of being forgotten, as they don't have superlasers, can't level up at the click of a button, and are not like their modern counterparts. Therefore, they decide to turn to a famous video game designer so that he could make a video game out of them, because then they might be popular again. They also ask a little boy, Peter for help, who knows everything about video games, and together they set off to meet the Game Creator; however, they encounter unexpected obstacles along the way.
    • Dream Traveller
      Dream Traveller
      Dream Traveller is set in a world where nobody sleeps anymore, therefore no one ever dreams. People work 24 hours a day, children spend almost all day at school, only going home to do their homework. Every aspect of life is controlled by artificial intelligence, and even blinking is considered a crime against productivity. However, the protagonist of the story, Tomi, a 10-year-old little boy, goes on a fight to save the dreamworld with the help of a dream lamb.
    • St. Stephen’s Day’s Parade
      St. Stephen’s Day’s Parade
      On the 20th of August, the public could see a musical-dance parade on Andrássy street with huge installations, leading artists from Hungary and hundreds of participants. The spectacular procession evoked the characters of Hungarian legends and our national symbols.
    • Magic Park (VarázsLiget)
      Magic Park (VarázsLiget)
      Between December 10 and January 2, 2021, the area in front of the Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest turned into a Magic Park. Magic programs - fairy parade, Magic Ball, Firebirds show, magic dance - and countless Christmas delicacies awaited the children.
    • The Champion
      The Champion
      All the elements of this interactive exhibition – which applies the latest technologies, unique perspectives and is interspersed with stunning visuals and quiz games- were developed in Hungary, but it is a unique sports-experience expo also at an international level. The 1500 m2 exhibition featured dozens of sports games and tests at more than 50 game stations, acquainting visitors with thousands of interesting facts about sports, from its history and the nuts and bolts of becoming a champion to the greatest achievements. Visitors could test their abilities in 10 sports at 9 ultra-modern game stations to see which sport they could be champion of.
    • Goooal!
      The Goooal! exhibition is the largest football exhibition, which has already captivated audiences in Moscow and Istanbul. Football relics, jerseys and props, original cups, balls and other items presenting the history of football awaited the public on 1,500 square metres. Fans were also able to learn more about the most famous footballers’ lives, with 90 of the greatest players of all time on display. Available relics of the Golden Team were added to the Hungarian exhibition with the help of the Puskás Institute.
    • Living Dinosaurs
      Living Dinosaurs
      People have always been intrigued by the lives of dinosaurs, but the Jurassic Park films increased this interest in the long-extinct giants even more. We invited dinosaur fans on a special, unforgettable journey back in time through an exhibition presenting life-like and life-size moving dinosaurs at Millenáris.
    • Gateway to Space
      Gateway to Space
      Thanks to NASA’s Space and Rocket Center, the exhibition could showcase the most important stages of humanity’s galactic adventure in a unique and unprecedented way. At the exhibition presenting the most interesting artefacts of space exploration, visitors could not only get acquainted with the space shuttle, rockets and capsules up close, but could also learn about the history and future of space exploration.
    • Future Park
      The Future Park exhibition aimed to provide the opportunity for people to create together, and to become more creative in their everyday lives by experiencing this. The interactive experience centre, conceived by Japanese experts, led visitors into a magical world, offering them the inspiring experience of creation. Children and adults alike were able to experience how free thinking and teamwork can foster creativity and how they can benefit from this in their daily lives.
    • Avatar
      Among other things, visitors could get an insight into the space travel and scientific achievements in the Alpha Centauri solar system that made the discovery of Pandora possible. They were able to meet the natives of Pandora through interactive activities, and they could talk with the Na’vis, humanoid beings over 270 centimetres tall, about their culture, language and music. They could admire the beauty of Pandora’s jewel-like plants and animals being able to emit light from within, and could learn how to use the AMP mobile armour suit.
    • The Art of Banksy: Without Limits
      The Art of Banksy: Without Limits
      The aim of the exhibition was to give as comprehensive a view of Banksy’s artistic activities as possible. The exhibition did not follow the traditional chronological narrative, but rather presented Banksy's main themes. The first section exhibited the attitude of a rebel boy with punk roots towards the British power establishment. Moving on to 'the bay of the animals', one could see Banksy's favourite and recurring anthropomorphised animal figures. This was followed by providing an insight into his anti-war mission, as well as his sarcastic works reflecting our consumer society, not without some black humour.
    • VR Amusement Park
      VR Amusement Park
      The VR Amusement Park aims to provide the highest quality user experience using the most advanced technology available today, virtual reality. Besides, it also aims to somehow fill the void of the lacking amusement park scene in the capital with the theme park of the future. It offers unforgettable entertainment to children, parents, couples, groups of friends and even co-workers coming for a company team-building event. As result of research all over the world, unique experiences and games can be found here, in addition to hyperreality experiences with 4D elements developed in-house. Both the interior design and the overall design of the park contribute to a special experience, so that visitors won’t only feel as if they are in a virtual space, but also as if they are travelling through time.

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