Győző Szabó

Győző Szabó

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  • Cast
    • Game Creator
      Game Creator
      The "traditional" fairy-tale heroes, the princess, the three-headed dragon, the piglet and Thumbelina in the fairy-tale world are afraid of being forgotten, as they don't have superlasers, can't level up at the click of a button, and are not like their modern counterparts. Therefore, they decide to turn to a famous video game designer so that he could make a video game out of them, because then they might be popular again. They also ask a little boy, Peter for help, who knows everything about video games, and together they set off to meet the Game Creator; however, they encounter unexpected obstacles along the way.
    • Dream Traveller
      Dream Traveller
      Dream Traveller is set in a world where nobody sleeps anymore, therefore no one ever dreams. People work 24 hours a day, children spend almost all day at school, only going home to do their homework. Every aspect of life is controlled by artificial intelligence, and even blinking is considered a crime against productivity. However, the protagonist of the story, Tomi, a 10-year-old little boy, goes on a fight to save the dreamworld with the help of a dream lamb.
  • Executive producer
    • Toxikoma
      The book on which the film is based recounts the hardest years of the life of a young man who moved from the countryside to the capital, a period of a drug-fuelled fall that lasted many years. Having moved to Budapest, Győző worked as a waiter, a graphic designer and a game designer; he even ventured into the world of actors despite not having studied acting. He gets caught up in a wild, seemingly eternal heroin spiral, where everything around him falls apart: family, job, future; but he finally plucks up the courage to go to rehab. This is where he meets the renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Csernus. The film is essentially about the ego battle between the two dominant men in a psychiatric hospital. Both go their separate ways and learn something from the other that will change their own lives for the better. Győző and Csernus fight each other, but at some point they both have to come to the realisation that they can only progress together, and that there is something that only the other can help them with.

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