Entertainment center

  • 2021 April 10.

The Future Park exhibition aimed to provide the opportunity for people to create together, and to become more creative in their everyday lives by experiencing this. The interactive experience centre, conceived by Japanese experts, led visitors into a magical world, offering them the inspiring experience of creation. Children and adults alike were able to experience how free thinking and teamwork can foster creativity and how they can benefit from this in their daily lives.

  • 2021 April 9.

The VR Amusement Park aims to provide the highest quality user experience using the most advanced technology available today, virtual reality. Besides, it also aims to somehow fill the void of the lacking amusement park scene in the capital with the theme park of the future. It offers unforgettable entertainment to children, parents, couples, groups of friends and even co-workers coming for a company team-building event. As result of research all over the world, unique experiences and games can be found here, in addition to hyperreality experiences with 4D elements developed in-house. Both the interior design and the overall design of the park contribute to a special experience, so that visitors won’t only feel as if they are in a virtual space, but also as if they are travelling through time.

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