Dream Traveller

Dream Traveller

The story of this family musical, featuring local stars and familiar hits, still revolves around finding the answers to the questions as to why we dream, what dreams are for and why we have bad dreams.

2021 December 26.

Dream Traveller is set in a world where nobody sleeps anymore, therefore no one ever dreams. People work 24 hours a day, children spend almost all day at school, only going home to do their homework. Every aspect of life is controlled by artificial intelligence, and even blinking is considered a crime against productivity. However, the protagonist of the story, Tomi, a 10-year-old little boy, goes on a fight to save the dreamworld with the help of a dream lamb.


The very first show was performed between Christmas and New Year 2017 in the BOK Hall, where it was seen by more than 50,000 viewers. Having been greatly successful, it was staged again a year later at Christmas in 2018, and again 50,000 people watched the performance. In 2020, it could be viewed online, in an all-night video broadcast, along with it was already seen by more than 400,000 people. In 2021, within the walls of the RAM Theater, the general public will be able to see it again as part of a more familiar theatrical performance.


Hungary's best-known actors and singers on one stage  - Well-known celebrities such as András Stohl, Győző Szabó, Steve Hajdu, Kati Wolf, Szilvia Péter Szabó, Judit Schell, Ildikó Keresztes, Zséda (Adrienn Zsédenyi), Mariann Falusi, Viktor Varga and Anita Ábel participated in this blockbuster.

The greatest Hungarian stage performance of all time - The monumentality of the set, reminiscent of Broadway, is best illustrated by the size of the stage of the fairytale musical, which covers an area of 1,000 m2 and is 12 metres high (the height of a 4-storey building).

Unique visuals - The creative consultant of Dream Traveller is the highly successful director of Valami Amerika, Társasjáték and Kincsem films. The scenic design is the brainchild of Balázs Rajcsányi, a Bass Awards silver and bronze prize-winning set designer, who is known for his work as the set and visual designer for X-Factor, Csillag Születik and Megasztár, among others. The costumes are designed by Nóra Bujdosó, winner of the Costume Designer of the Year Award.

Amazing creators - The director and choreographer of Dream Traveller is the Kossuth Prize-winning dancer, choreographer and director Tamás Juronics. The dance ensemble includes artists from the Szeged Contemporary Ballet and the Rippel Brothers Academy. The play was written by András Vinnai, the Ernő Szép Prize-winning writer, whose humour is also known to the audience from Dumaszínház, a well-known standup theatre in Hungary. Bálint Hegedűs, the scriptwriter of Kincsem and Liza the Fox Fairy, also contributed to the work. The dramaturg was András Almási-Tóth, former literary director of the Szeged National Theatre.

The best hits of the year in one play - Already in the Game Creator performance, Tamás Orbán and Viktor Rakonczai proved that they are able to form an excellent partnership, and this was no different during the making of the Dream Traveller.

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