Game Creator

Game Creator

The huge theatrical success of the pop-show-musical - with more than 100,000 children and adult viewers in two years - proved that a show which could be up to standard even on Broadway can be created using only ’Hungarian material’.

2014 December 27.

The "traditional" fairy-tale heroes, the princess, the three-headed dragon, the piglet and Thumbelina in the fairy-tale world are afraid of being forgotten, as they don't have superlasers, can't level up at the click of a button, and are not like their modern counterparts. Therefore, they decide to turn to a famous video game designer so that he could make a video game out of them, because then they might be popular again. They also ask a little boy, Peter for help, who knows everything about video games, and together they set off to meet the Game Creator; however, they encounter unexpected obstacles along the way.



The Game Creator is the first, introductory piece of the TulipFairy Production series, a musical -action tale and stage show premiered on 27 December 2014. Based on the producer Gabriella Illés’s idea, the play was written by the scriptwriter and dramaturg Réka Divinyi, the lead composer was Viktor Rakonczai, the lyrics were written by Tamás Orbán, and the director was László Magács.

The first performance of the series debuted in December 2015 in the SYMA Sports and Events Centre with new and old characters, new and old songs, and new and old staging. The refreshed version was directed by György Böhm, the Mari Jászai- and Kálmán Nádasdy Award-winning director-dramaturg, and the renewed choreography was made by Tamás Juronics, Kossuth Award-winning choreographer and leader of the Szeged Contemporary Ballet ensemble.

In 2014 and 2015, audiences could watch 12-12 performances in 4-4 days.


Our performances were influenced by the different shows we saw in the United States - such as Michael Jackson’s ONE, or the shows of the Universal Studios using films and film tricks - and the Lion King performance in London's West End in 2010, we gained inspiration from these. The Game Creator is a mix of prose theatre, musical and circus, with modern technical visual and dance elements.

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